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Live it up trippy dudes🤙💯

20 gram mushroom trip dawg

Scooter kid jumps over fire!!

Scooter dude jumps over fire! MUST check out!

Monkey fuckkk!!!

We out hear monkey fucking eachother😂🤙✌🍄

Thank God everyday for your parents!

Take care of your loved ones when they need you when u needed them they had your back so return the favor❤✌💯#love #peace #parents #mom #dad

How to rig up a tent wit no poles


WTF did i jus post

Weed is fire

Guide to the mushroom verse#1

Time is the only thing thats keeping me from going insane

August 3, 2020

Tripping guide 101

When the mushrooms his death is what we feal jus sit back and enjoy the ride💯🍄✌❤